Our Staff

We personally recruit and manage 40 staff across both our premises. We ensure there is a stable and balanced range of staff to adequately meet the needs of the residents in each of the homes. Our staff are trained in all mandatory subjects including NVQ's and QCF's and regular updating of training is carried out on a rolling basis.

We aim to achieve the highest standards in our care and thus also select some staff from what is becoming a very high talent pool of international individuals. Of course, whilst qualifications are primarily the key selection criteria, experience, fluency and solid knowledge of English are also absolute necessities.

As we are regulated by Care Quality Commission, we take their guidelines and recommendations with regards to staff recruitment and management, very seriously and ensure adherence at all times.

Care, attention and quality of life are our key aims for our residents. We believe that our staff, treating our residents as they would their own family members, achieves and excels as one of our key goals.

Our Residents

We are entrusted with the lives of 40 residents. We have couples and singles from all walks of life and varying ages. Individual characters and the communities as a whole, lend to very interesting experiences being shared and relationships developing within their environments.

Many of those that are mobile, will take themselves for gentle walks in the extensive gardens, often settling themselves under the trees to chat the afternoon away with their friends, over a cup of tea.

On more than several occasions we have been told by residents how much they appreciate the care that is being taken of them and how pleased they are to have joined our community. This is something that always touches the soul and strives us to further improve their experiences.


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